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CakeyPigg specialises in truly personal cakes. You can choose a design from our Celebration cakes or simply ask us to design something for you. Price depends on size and complexity of design. We can include name, age and personal details or a message etc on all cakes.

There are 4 styles to choose from:

• American Style Frosted: These cakes are covered with a yummy frosting, with a piped buttercream decoration and or printed wafer topper. From £35

• Traditional: Flat 2D designs - think traditional style birthday cakes covered with soft icing. Decoration is laid flat to the cake, or printed onto a wafer/icing topper. From £45

• 3D/2D: These are mid way between a traditional and full 3D. They are decorated with small amounts of modelling, or scenery flats (think of the way theatre scenery is created). From £60

• Full 3D: These are sculpted shaped cakes or ones with handmade model toppers used to create miniature scenes on top of the cake. From £75

Whatever your occasion, theme and budget, there's a cake for you. For hints on how to choose a cake design please read the How to choose section, and for flavours visit what's inside

If you need a cake designed for you, please email for a quote. Things we might need to know include:

Number of people to feed:
Cake date:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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